A glimpse into a great artist’s inspiration

August 6, 2009

Gerhard Richter’s comprehensive reference library, the Atlas Collection, can be seen online at www.gerhard-richter.com.


The Atlas: http://www.gerhard-richter.com/art/atlas/


The site also has an extensive gallery of his paintings…

image  image 


Amazing Light Painting – Hi-Res Air Graffiti Wallpaper Download

August 15, 2008

We made this hi-res air-graffiti light image using a technique we worked out (here). The images are pretty stunning, especially when you see them in high res. Here’s one for your desktop in all it’s glory. Completely free for you to use for any non commercial purposes. 

Update: We are uploading full versions of these (gradually) to Flickr. Read the comments for the link 🙂 

Download here (1900×1200):
(then right click – set as background)


There are many more of these…

So… write some nice comments and we’ll think about releasing the rest in hi-res 🙂

Wall painted animations by Blu

May 15, 2008

One of the most original ideas I’ve seen in a while. Get a wall, draw one frame of a complex animation on the wall, take a photo, erase, then repeat. Hats off to Blu (http://www.blublu.org/) for his genius.


Letter A from blu on Vimeo.