Augmented reality maps – TED2010 Talk – Blaise Aguera’s demo

February 16, 2010

Blaise Aguera, co-creator of Photosynth, demonstrates the latest Microsoft augmented reality mapping technology from MS Live Labs.

Great fodder for brainstorming ways emerging mapping (and image/data crowdsourcing) technology can be wrapped up in practical applications.


That’s a live video feed layered over 3D map of an interior space.


Layered images from multiple sources.


Look up for time-based constellation mapping.


Microsoft Integrates Photosynth With Virtual Earth

May 8, 2009

Microsoft announced the integration of Photosynth, technology that enables you to automatically stitch groups of photos together into one big interactive 3D viewing experience, with its mapping service Virtual Earth.

Check out the marketing video below

In addition to the integration, Microsoft announced that the latest release of Photosynth introduces commercial licensing, privacy controls, and one-click highlighting for viewers to easily explore synths.

I personally think its pretty cool and I am looking forward to see how it can be integrated into business ideas.

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