ESPN’s brilliant, possibly borderline offensive 2010 World Cup Posters

June 11, 2010


On the eve of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, this brilliantly executed set of 33 posters (including 1 from each of the 32 nations competing) is sure to cause a stir and hopefully a laugh or two.


Australian poster


Why pantless?


French poster


Note Henry’s glowing hand. Cheeky. (nicely spotted Stephen)

See them all here or download them from ESPN’s facebook

[via World Cup Buzz]

Paul Strange Presents. We explain what it is…

April 23, 2008

Sydney has been invaded by these posters taped onto telegraph poles. The only instruction is “Type this into Google”. So if you’ve typed “Paul Strange Presents” into Google and ended up here, the Paul Strange Google master plan might not be working quite as well as it should. After all we could tell you anything…

So is asking people to type something into Google a good marketing strategy? Well it’s risky… you need to understand how search works – because if a powerful site starts to use the same keywords then you may not end up being top of the list in Google. If you really want to guarantee your placement at the top you probably need to buy SEM ads (as indicated by the red squiggle below) but that may cost money, and considering you just told everyone your search strategy there may be people that can ride off your marketing with little effort.

BTW: If you are actually interested in Paul Strange and want to know more about the house music scene in Sydney, go back to Google and keep looking… it’s there somewhere. 🙂