Musical Apparel – Mos Def releases album via a T-Shirt

July 7, 2009


Mos Def’s new album, The Ecstatic, is released in the US today but it’s taking a refreshing approach to distribution. Rather than offering up a CD (who buys them apart from me) people buy a T- Shirt with the album artwork on it, along with a code embedded into its tag so you can download it.

I love this kind of blurry stuff that is digital, traditional, social and a product innovation all rapped up in one (excuse the gag). It’s such a simple idea I can’t believe it has been used more often. Imagine how much The Ramones could have made with all those millions of walking adverts – it might also have ensured the cool kids actually listened to the music as well.

Not only that, it has raised the price to $39, probably reduced the production costs and generated cheap, peer 2 peer advertising. Genius.


A human powered mobile – Don’t leave for a festival without one

May 26, 2009

Power Pump 4_jpg_autothumb_w-574_scale

This is a great product innovation from Orange and Gotwind that ‘harnesses kinetic energy and a foot pump’ to power your mobile whilst you’re… at Glastonbury, or just away from a socket.

Now all they have to do is a) find away that you can get a signal when you are in the arse end of nowhere and b) stop some soap dodging thief from having a rummage in your tent. Then all my festival problems have been solved. Apart from the toilet one. Found via Treehugger