Microsoft’s Project Tuva

July 17, 2009

I came across an article this morning that mentioned Project Tuva and because I didn’t know what that was I looked it up and I was really impressed.

What does it do? It explores core scientific concepts and theories by presenting timeless videos with a new enhanced silverlight player.

It features searchable video, linked transcripts, notes and interactive extras.


It looks very promising and I hope it will make it into the wild one day (soon)

Microsofts answer to Nintendos Wii

June 2, 2009

is project Natal which they announced at their keynote speech at E3 this year.

It is using camera technology developed by 3DV and according to the promo video it will have some nice features, e.g. voice recognition, scanning features and of course full body motion control.

check out the video here:

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we will be using it this year.

The future of the newspaper from 1981

January 30, 2009

I found this video on techcrunch here about the future of newspapers seen back in 1981 and wanted to share it with you all – it’s quite funny

My favourite part is that it takes over 2 hours to receive the whole newspaper and back then the hourly use charge of the telephone was $5 which makes this newspaper 10 bucks – pretty hefty 🙂