more piezoelectric goodness – lightdrops umbrella

December 16, 2008

Have you ever been caught in the rain with your umbrella wishing you would be more visible or had a bit of light around you?

Fear no more because now there is Lightdrops – not just an umbrella.


As water pours over the surface, potential energy from raindrops slamming onto the conductive membrane called PDVF transforms into electrical energy powering embedded LEDs sending your umbrella ablaze with light. The heavier the rain, the brighter the light to help you see your way.

Looks like more and more people are thinking about the opportunities that piezoelectric material can give us.

Splash Proof coatings for your (i)Phone

November 29, 2008

Have you ever dropped your phone accidentally in water or have you been surprised by rain while out jogging and listening to your iPod?

You don’t need to be worried about it anymore as there is Golden Shellback.

image It’s a unique coating that protects critical operational equipment against damage and loss of function caused by exposure to weather and moisture. It is ideal for application in the electronics industry.

It produces a vacuum deposited film that is nonflammable, has low toxicity and has the ability to weatherproof electronic devices and other surfaces.


check out their website here.

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