UK Space Agency’s digital goof: Plans Asteroid avoidance using Yorkshire Fencing Company!?

September 21, 2010

It’s been in the news UK now has its very own Space Agency.It’s a serious business and cost 40 million pounds to set up and has 230 million in funds. So how will they prevent disaster and stop asteroids (or NEO’s)? Turns out a small Yorkshire fencing company is the solution (although they probably have no idea about it yet).


The UK Space Agency links directly to the SPACEGUARD CENTRE that will save us all if there is a problem. (original page here).

image clip_image002

Welcome to Spaceguard, protector of the earth and asteroid attacks. Yep, they sell fences in Yorkshire…



Obviously this is a mistake. Rather an amusing one though…
We think they probably meant to send people to this site not this one

Digital Marketing Lesson #276: Always check your Hyperlinks 🙂

Top Gear Viral Game Robin Reliant Rocket Car

October 21, 2008

Cool new game on the Top Gear website: (here). Remember the episode where they launched the Robin Reliant (see below video) into space …kinda?


Best score in here around 350,000 metres… after about 5 mins
Post your scores in the comments 🙂

Tip: hold down your arrow keys to play.
Apparently you have to land it too… (not managed this yet).