Being in traffic will be greener and safer

December 11, 2009

When I get around the web I come across heaps of cool things that due to lack of time never really make it onto our blog, but I thought I share these 2 concepts with you as I think they are awesome and deserve to be mentioned because they make the world a safer and greener place.

The countdown traffic light

I have seen traffic lights with big number displays next to them telling you when it will turn green again, but this concept is so much simpler and makes a lot of sense.



The designer Damjan Stanković sees his idea saving energy — when motorists know there’s plenty of time until the light turns green, they’ll shut their engines off to conserve fuel.

I like it and it should be implemented everywhere.
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The laser wall pedestrian lights


The Virtual Wall is designed as a replacement for traffic lights and if made would use "plasma laser beams" to project silhouettes of moving people into the path of oncoming traffic.

Supposedly this would calm traffic and make drivers more careful around the soft humans as they cross the street.


the concept is simple in theory but making lasers appear like that would require something for the lasers to be reflected on and the price for one of these is probably more than the normal traffic light which means it will never see the day of light.

Too bad I think it would improve safety on our streets for pedestrians.
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Don’t text and drive

December 24, 2008

So I talked about how they can stop you from talking on the phone while driving here.

Soon they will be able to stop you from texting as well.


A $10 application called Textecution for Google’s Android mobile platform that will sit in the background and use the phone’s GPS system to detect whenever the phone is moving faster than 10 MPH, at which time the app will deactivate the phone’s SMS capabilities.

Once the phone comes to a standstill (say, at a stop light) the driver will be allowed to text again within a few seconds.

The application has been designed primarily for adults looking to keep their teens in check.

When parents install Textecution on their child’s Android phone, they are asked for an ‘admin phone number’, which will be contacted if the child ever needs to temporarily deactivate the app (like if they’re on a train or in the passenger seat). To grant the exception, the parent simply sends an SMS message saying “Allow”.

May our streets be safer from now on.

Don’t talk while you are driving

December 13, 2008

Looks like you soon won’t be able to do that at all.

University of Utah engineers have invented a wireless car key device to stop motorists from talking on their cell phone or sending text messages while driving.

image Each driver of a car would have a separate key device. When the key is extended from the device, it sends a signal to the teenage driver’s phone, putting the phone in "driving mode" so it cannot be used to talk or send texts. The phone displays a stop sign while in driving mode.

The University has licensed the Key2SafeDriving technology to a private company, which hopes to have the device on the market within six months, possibly through cell phone plan providers.