Multi-touch to real time sales

April 6, 2011



Swedish telecom company 3 Sweden together with Swedish company B-Reel have bridged the gap between Internet commerce and brick and mortar with 3LiveShop.

The new site features employees interacting with customers, live, over video screens. It was made possible with custom-built touchscreens that look like they’re right out of The Minority Report. Using the screens, the online salespeople are able to bring up images of phones the company sells and field questions about them.

I personally think it is a pretty cool thing, but I usually go shopping online so I don’t have to deal with a sales person.

Check out the video for a cool demonstration.


The Machinarium Pirate Amnesty

August 9, 2010

Amanita Design, the independent Czech game developers behind the fantastic little point-and-click adventure game Machinarium are offering pirates a chance to redeem themselves if they didn’t pay for the game the first time around as they hold a “pirate amnesty sale” offering the game for just $US5.

Machinarium was released in October 2009 with critical acclaim but without any form of DRM – something that many seem to have taken advantage of. Amanita claim that from feedback they have gathered, they believe that only 5-15% of people playing the game actually paid for it. A crying shame, too as it really is a funny, endearing and puzzling little game. $20 is totally worth it and $5 is a steal.

Amanita are quick to add, on their site, that they don’t think that people buying it now necessarily pirated it, so don’t feel like you’re being judged.

It’s an awesome little game that you really should check out if you still have room in your heart for whimsy. The promo image on the site is also fantastic. I hear it’s a bit familiar to some people but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Long iPhone Queues in Australia. Sold out? Almost…

July 11, 2008

I’ve never seen anybody in this Optus shop on Oxford street, Sydney, but today the line stretched way back with people lining up for a good old distance – desperate for the next big thing in mobile – the 3G iPhone. With it taking 30 mins to sign each person up, this is one slow moving line. What most of the people in the queue don’t realise is that there are only white 8Gb iPhones left (seriously we do wonder why anyone would want a destined to look really grubby white phone), and there’s a 3 week wait for new stock. I imagine Optus will be doing swift business as their packages include 700MB of data for $79 and no upfront fee for the iPhone. Vodafone appear to be about $200 more for the same kind of plan.


The latest stats are that iPhone users are 5 times more likely to access the internet than regular mobile users so this is actually good news for the digital industry.

The Worst Vista advert ever made.

April 17, 2008

Microsoft and Vista go all Bruce Springsteen on us in this truly horrific video clip. It’s an ad from hell, right up there with the Cisco Teleconferencing Ad (here) from last year. We want to believe it’s a p%@*take but until mullets are back in fashion, we’re not convinced. Shame really, after the brilliant ‘Bill Gate’s Last Day Parody’ (here) they go and make something like this. Be ready to cringe…

BTW: Who said we weren’t impartial?