May any screen be a touch screen

June 17, 2011

That’s what the ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) in Taiwan thought when they dreamed up this little hardware extension to any size screen.


a couple of right now still bulky attachments to your screen and suddenly you have a multi-touch display. Right now it is still a prototype, but hopefully it will make it into mass production sooner rather than later.

Check out the video:

Multi-touch to real time sales

April 6, 2011



Swedish telecom company 3 Sweden together with Swedish company B-Reel have bridged the gap between Internet commerce and brick and mortar with 3LiveShop.

The new site features employees interacting with customers, live, over video screens. It was made possible with custom-built touchscreens that look like they’re right out of The Minority Report. Using the screens, the online salespeople are able to bring up images of phones the company sells and field questions about them.

I personally think it is a pretty cool thing, but I usually go shopping online so I don’t have to deal with a sales person.

Check out the video for a cool demonstration.


The future of the touchscreen

May 23, 2010

Imagine being able to feel the buttons on your mobile when you slide them across the screen or feeling the material as wood, metal or stone.


Toshiba’s working on just such a project, which operates on the basis of a film affixed to your smartphone’s touch panel. Electrical currents are sent through this layer, and your fingers are shot up with the simulated sensation of touching those various surfaces.

And it is not fiction anymore as they have a working prototype and they weren’t shy to show it off.


Massive Multi touch screen in Las Vegas

September 10, 2009

This 18 x 4 foot “monster” was installed in the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas and it is awesome.

3 HD projectors are beaming the content onto the glass.

but videos say more then words – I want one:

a touch screen with texture

April 30, 2009 is a haptic interface company based in Helsinki which is developing a new “type” of touch screen that let’s you feel different surfaces.


Instead of using vibrating motors, the devices are completely motionless. Instead, the Senseg system stimulates your fingers or hand with an electrical field to simulate the feeling of friction or texture.

Check out the video:

found here.

Because it uses no motors you can’t hear it and it doesn’t run down the battery. A small module – about as big as two sugar cubes – controls the sensation by connecting to a thin film that can be placed on any device. The film can even go around curves.

I say it’s pretty cool and I want one 🙂

Microsoft takes multi-touch beyond the screen

October 22, 2008


Microsofts SideSight research project promises to do away with that pesky need to actually touch the screen. To do that, Microsoft proposes to employ a whole range of proximity sensors around a device, which would be able to detect gestures up to ten centimeters away, with a quick motion towards the device representing a click, for instance, or a twisting motion letting you rotate an image.

While Microsoft has actually built a prototype of sorts using an HTC Touch (seen above), it still has quite a ways to go, as the sensors on the prototype actually just connected to a PC via USB and then relayed back to the phone using Bluetooth. Eventually, however, Microsoft says that the system could allow for multi-touch to be used on very small devices, which could possibly even use printed sensors that would cover the entire casing.

full story here.