IKEA is entering the SMART TV market

April 19, 2012

Yes you read that correctly, our beloved furniture maker from the days when we didn’t have money and we were all about DYI has announced that their TV storage units now come with build-in TVs – called Uppleva.


The LED backlit TVs will be available in 24 – 46 inches and will be build into the furniture together with a Blu-ray / DVD player and a 2.1 (2.1? really? what kind of surround sound is that?) surround sound setup.

The TVs are Full HD, SMART Vs that are Wifi ready and play DivX files which is something that all TVs should do.

One of their selling points is that all the cables are hidden to reduce the clutter, but at the same time the TV offers multiple USB and HDMI ports on the side – so luckily you can add all your other gadgets to it and bring back the cluttered cables Smile

Mind you as a student with no money, just moved out of home and your parents offered to buy you some furniture, why not have the TV build into it. Prices seem to be starting at around $1000 and it should be available later this year in selected European countries.

Will I buy one? probably not. I think IKEA needs to stick to what they are good at and that is furniture.

Check out their video below

Let me know what you think in the comments


The window of the future

January 13, 2012

CES in Las Vegas is on and like every year I am jealous of everybody who can go to it.

But nevertheless I still get to see all the cool new gadgets and while I have seen prototypes of this before, but this seems to be ready to be installed in my house.


The Samsung Smart Window – a transparent display that is touch enabled and a one sided pane which means people on the outside can’t see what you are seeing.

here are some videos of it in action:



I love the blinds, also word on the street is that mass production is starting in the next few month, but no word on price yet.


Get Smart and Fit at the same time

January 7, 2009

Fitness centers are entering the next lap of their evolution with the NeuroActive Bike, a new breed of exerciser that simultaneously trains the body and the brain.

The bike, engineered by Dr. Bergeron and BCA’s international team of brain specialists, enable users to combine cardio workouts with brain workouts.


Users of the NeuroActive Bike may select from 22 brain-stimulating exercises that train different parts of the brain, including: memory of names and faces, 3D visuo-spatial skills, concentration, word naming and arithmetic. As they pedal, they manipulate a wireless mouse to interact with the computer and complete the NeuroActive Program, the only brain-fitness program that uses an advanced artificial intelligence and a series of word problems and visual exercises to train the entire brain and sharpen 16 cognitive functions.

Get on down to the Gym and get fit and smart at the same time 🙂