Microsofts new touchscreen mobiles are all about being social with your friends

April 13, 2010

Microsoft today launched its new series of touchscreen mobile smartphones called Kin.


There is a 4GB and an 8GB version with 5 and 8 Megapixel cameras with flash, capable of HD video and both models focus heavily on all your social networks, e.g. Twitter and facebook.

It seems that these phones are targeted at 18 to 35 year olds.

check out the video here


not the phone I am going to go for, but impressive to see how MS is putting all its eggs into social networking.


The Key Features of Social Media and Networking Sites

June 5, 2009

Smashing Magazine comes though again with a brilliantly in-depth article about the user interface design of social networking sites and what makes them good user experiences.


They’ve chunked them down to 9 key points:

1. Simple Interface Is The Key

2. Prominent and Functional Search
3. Prominent Call-To-Action-Buttons
4. Calm Separation of Elements
5. Treat text as User Interface
6. Simple and Usable Forms
7. Real-Time Updates
8. Word-Of-Mouth-Advertising and Personalization
9. User-Centric User Interface

The article is a must read for any web designers or social media gurus, its very in-depth and definitely one to bookmark and pass on.

Read it here


*note: image by Kleinmania

Social network for seniors

November 25, 2008

Through following the #osnbc Twitter feed over the last couple of days, I’ve learnt a lot about our social media world. One standout is a new social network for Australian seniors called Grandparents Network, proving that seniors really are ‘savvy and social’. 


According to Twitter feeds from the event:

* People aged over 65 will increase by 107% in the next 10 years

* Most seniors suffer from initial technology/knowledge barriers but once they get over this, they go for   it much faster 

* Reasons older guys use SN sites are no differnet to younger counterparts. Looking for entertainment, education and scoial connection

Grandparents Network comes complete with blogs, a forum, polls, quizzes, interest groups and a photo gallery. It will be interesting to see if, or how quickly, this picks up. They’re already at a couple of hundred members, the oldest member being 90! Now that’s impressive.

PS Thanks all at OSNBC for the regular Twitter updates!

A treasure hunt, some moonvertising and a load of Vodka.

May 28, 2008

The Way In to the Smirnoff Experience Secret Party 2008

Ladies and gentleman I give you! What is it I hear you ask? In a nutshell, it’s a big-ass treasure hunt to give away tickets to the Smirnoff Experience Secret Party 2008.

Clues are released on a blog to tickets hidden all across Australia. There is also a facebook group which gives help and exclusive clues to ticket hunters. If that’s not enough cyber-fun, there’s also a GPS ticket tracker, which is switched on from time to time. There’s even a moonvert thrown in there for good measure.

The rules are simple. First to find the tickets, wins the tickets. And there’s none of this ‘hidden under pixels’ stuff. These are in the real world… fresh air is good for you. Tickets have been found in places such as under a bench in Surfers Paradise, in a Russian deli in Victoria and even in a Russian Orthodox Church.

It’s just getting going so take a look and join the fun and you might just bag yourself a ticket to the Smirnoff Experience Secret Party 2008.