Control real life football players with your smartphone

November 30, 2011

Not sure if this a PR effort to promote the Sony Xperia play or the new album of Kasabian, but nevertheless it is a pretty awesome execution and a lot of effort would have gone into it.


2 “users” control real life football players by selecting commands on their Sony handsets that are then send to the players who are wearing ear pieces.

I like how the headband lights up when a player gets selected!

It seems a bit lagging at times, but it is a pretty impressive attempt

Check out the video:


Finally a great AR system – Sony SmartAR

May 24, 2011

Augmented reality has been around for a while now and we have been using it in the past as well, but we always found it to be sluggish, laggy and unreliable.

Sony SmartAR

Now it seems that there is a light at the end of the tunnel a Sony is holding the torch. Sony announced their SmartAR everybody thought that it is just another technology that has the same issues.

But check out the video below and prepare to be blown away – fast response times, markerless object recognition and original anchors can be out of sight and your virtual object just keeps animating.

There was no availability date announced yet, but I am sure AR will get a lot more coverage once it is out.


Google TV has landed

October 13, 2010

Sony anounced today its new range of Internet TVs that are being powered by GoogleTV


It comes with a keyboard remote that has a querty keypad, a mouse pad and generally reminds me of a Playstation controller.


Engadget was able to go hands-on already so check out the video below:

I believe Internet TVs are the future and this seems to be a great step into the right direction.

Sony is hitting the ground running too as the new TVs will be available in the US from this weekend and will cost from USD399 (24”) to USD1399 (46”) – With the Aussie dollar being strong there might be a bargain in here


The future of the 3D TV – throw away your glasses

August 3, 2010

For everyone who might have missed it, Sony showed off a prototype of their glasses free 360 degree display, called Raymodeler 3D.

This is pretty cool and I can see myself having one of those (in a bigger version) in my living room 🙂

It doesn’t only display pictures, it is also interactive and reacts to hand gestures.

I reckon it would be pretty cool to show off your products at exhibitions.

found here


Sony NEX-5 … “Want that one”

July 1, 2010



Nex-3 and the Nex-5 both look amazing, sound amazing and hopefully they take amazing shots. Here’s the lowdown:

DSLR-style quality and shooting responses: compact and easy to use with interchangeable lenses.14.2 megapixels Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, HD 1080i movie, 7.5cm LCD, Sweep Panorama. 16mm lens.

Does anyone own one? Anyone from Sony want to send me one to test?


Sony vs Microsoft or Atrac vs Surface

May 4, 2010

Swiss company Atracsys sold its tech knowhow to Sony and the company is today informing the world that its atracTable is ready for mass production and commercialization this June.

The system is a dual camera-based system that tracks and analyzes body movements in three dimensions, in real-time. Initially designed for use with a computer in a sterile operating theater, the interface not only notices subtle changes in the position of your body, arm, hand, or finger position, but it’s also determine rough age, sex, or facial expression of the user.

of course nobody knows a price yet, but they promise a high-contrast, Full HD screen, which is already better than the surface table from MS.

It will be able to communicate with your mobile devices or respond to motion input, which is picked up by a pair of Sony camcorders.

Here is another video of it in action:

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Digital campaigns that caught my eye this week

November 20, 2009

I’ve been running around like a fly with a blue backside the last few weeks. However after a bit of down time today I came across two great campaigns that I would hold up as shining examples of great digital work.

The first one is Sony’s Fantasy Festival partnership with You have an imaginary $1M to spend on your fantasy festival line up and the winner is the person whose selection has the most buzz online- kind of like Fantasy Football for music. Here’s my effort…

Why do I like this?

The communication is tied into a product. Once I’ve picked my line up and named my festival I can listen to it on and share it with friends. Simple idea but cool.

It’s a genuine experience not just a prize draw. I spent ages battling with my consciousness. Do I put some super bands like Muse in that have a lot of buzz even though I don’t like them, or ‘keep it real’ and stick to my favourites. Seriously have a go, you have to make some brutal decisions.

The second campaign is from HP who is raising the awareness of the Global clean water crisis by supporting a team of climbers looking to reach the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

They don’t start till January but you can track their progress via a website that is the equivalent height of Mt Kilimanjaro in pixels – check out the scroll bar! Neat idea from Goodby


What was you first Walkman? (or portable music device for you natives)

July 2, 2009

The BBC has reported this story about a 13 year old who gave up his iPod for an original Sony Walkman for a week, just for a little sociological experiment. One of the funniest parts has to be the fact it took him 3 days just to find out that the tape had another side! Oh kids today, they don’t know they were born.

However it wasn’t all bad. The original Walkman did have two sockets so you could share your listening experience with a friend. You have to buy an adapter with today’s iPods. Who said brands have only just started being social.

Here’s my first. Very big and very yellow huh

Sony takes 7 months to figure out how to reply to an email.

February 8, 2008

So I bought a very nice HD video Cam (HDRSR7) from Sony last July. Great camera so I even signed up to the MySony website where they were offering some great rewards for purchasing this product with signing up. Strangely, nothing happened so I emailed them (a few times from the form [image shown]).
On the site Sony says they’ll be back to you in 48 hours (pretty good eh!)

FINALLY a response email arrives over 7 months later :


Not quite what I was expecting… but at least they admitted their fault. Thanks Sony 🙂

Now if only I could remember what I was trying to get them to do…???

Updated Mon 11 Feb…:

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