“Barack-Rolling”.. and the Google Elections Video Gadget

August 13, 2008

Most of you internet pranksters (and victims) out there will be familiar with the bait-and-switch concept of “Rick-Rolling“.

Hugh Atkin, a Sydney local, has posted on his blog – an appropriation of this concept, using footage from Barack Obama’s U.S. Presidential Campaign.

The result is the “Barack-Roll”:

Video’s like this are popping up around the place, making use of Google’s new “Elections Video Search” gadget.

The gadget makes use of speech-to-text technology and allows you to search for a word or sentence – and if one of the featured Politicians has said those words in one of the countless videos on file – it lists them for you and highlights at what point in the video the relevant text is spoken.

Google Elections Video Gadget

Whilst the speech-to-text technology for the gadget is by no means perfect, it definitely does the trick for sourcing the goods for little meme’s like this one.

Jason Wood, Australian Politician speech goes terribly wrong. Very funny.

August 8, 2008

From the Australian Parliament, possibly the worst reading goof of all time. The  word ‘implication’ was a struggle but the word ‘organism’ came out about as wrong as it gets! This clip is doing the rounds via email as an attachment at the moment so thought it was worth a post. Nice come back from Kevin Wood in the interview at the end.

Who is Jason Wood?
He is the federal member for La Trobe in Victoria Australia.


He’s certainly got my vote next time. Jason Wood for PM 🙂