Unexpected Thinking : 3 of the best from Cannes

August 19, 2011

The APG held a Cannes Highlights evening last night at the Verona, themed around ‘Unexpected Thinking’. As well as the usual suspects (Nike ‘Write the Future’, Walkers ‘Sandwich’, TippEx ‘Hunter Shoots A Bear’ etc) here are a few examples that hopefully haven’t been blogged to death:

1. Heartbreaker, Kaizers Orchestra
(Starcom, Norway)

Media generally doesn’t turn up the most electrifying case studies but this was a truly ingenious idea: build up anticipation for a new album release by giving it away – as sheet music. The outcome: cover version mania sweeps Norway.

Kaizers Orchestra – Hjerteknuser (Case study, English) from Anorak on Vimeo.

2. Gigantic Nose, BGH
(Saatchi & Saatchi, Buenos Aires)

It’s fashionable for digital people to slag off big ideas but this is a great example of how a creative strategy can create excitement over the dryest of product benefits. To promote a new airconditioner with an above average filtration system, Saatchis focused on those who needed it most – people with massive noses.

3. Monopoly City Streets, Hasbro
(Tribal DDB, UK)

OK, so this has been around a while but it’s still a nice idea. A lot of digital campaigns try and get people to participate for the sake of it but this is a lovely example of how a campaign that’s genuinely fun to get involved in can yield dramatic results. How do you promote a board game that’s already turned out more ‘special editions’ than Sports Illustrated? Go large by turning the whole world into a giant game.


What are the issues facing the media industry? Starcom to host industry-first debate

August 30, 2010

Tomorrow, Starcom (our sister agency) will host an industry debate among media buyers and planners in what it believes to be an industry-first event, bringing agencies and media professionals together with leading spokespeople to discuss key issues facing the media industry.

Tim Burrowes, founder of leading online media and marketing publication, mUmBRELLA, will join Starcom MediaVest Group Sydney Managing Director Bob Goodge to debate major events that are shaping the media industry.

In what is sure to be an entertaining and insightful event held at The Lord Nelson Hotel in The Rocks, the social media team at Amnesia Razorfish will share the debate via a Live blog and Twitter feed during the night.

You can find the live blog here

Starcom’s Future of Media

and follow the tweets via #starcomfom

The event will open with a discussion about major events that are shaping the industry.

This will be followed by an open debate moderated by Starcom executives where everybody will be encouraged to have their say. The event is expected to attract agency executives, clients, media students and all levels of media people working in the industry, bringing professionals together in a productive socialenvironment designed to give all voices equal share. 

So if you haven’t registered to attend the event (there’s still time by registering here), but want to hear what Tim and Bob, as well as other senior media and agency figures think will shape the media and agency environment, join in and watch us report it live.

And, if you have any questions you want us to pose to either Tim or Bob, just ask them in the comments field!

~ Karalee Evans, Social Strategy Manager