The world’s first augmented reality t-shirt

January 27, 2010


Good old rock, paper scissors. With this t-shirt you don’t need a friend to play. Just stand in front of the webcam and hey presto. I’m now thinking of ideas to build on this. Watch this space Check it out (via)


Musical Apparel – Mos Def releases album via a T-Shirt

July 7, 2009


Mos Def’s new album, The Ecstatic, is released in the US today but it’s taking a refreshing approach to distribution. Rather than offering up a CD (who buys them apart from me) people buy a T- Shirt with the album artwork on it, along with a code embedded into its tag so you can download it.

I love this kind of blurry stuff that is digital, traditional, social and a product innovation all rapped up in one (excuse the gag). It’s such a simple idea I can’t believe it has been used more often. Imagine how much The Ramones could have made with all those millions of walking adverts – it might also have ensured the cool kids actually listened to the music as well.

Not only that, it has raised the price to $39, probably reduced the production costs and generated cheap, peer 2 peer advertising. Genius.