Kleinmania hits Threadless

January 22, 2010

Our very own Michael Kleinman presents (another) sequel to the most amazing shirt in the world.

What started as a bit of a laugh could end up as a 4-color screen print with plastisol ink and a chino additive for softness.

Mike is too proud to ask for votes, so I’m asking you to go check it out and get clicky on the 5 if you like it!

Keyboard Cat + Three Wolf Moon = Awesome

July 22, 2009

Three Wolf Moon is the most amazing shirt ever made, obviously. A shirt of unprecedented awesomeness that grants power, virility, “eternal life and the ability to displace time and space.”

OXEN is a two-headed design monster consisting of Shawn Harris and Emilee Seymour. A monster that decided to blend the World’s Most Awesome Shirt™ with the world’s most famous feline embodiment of schadenfreude, Keyboard Cat.

Behold the glory of Three Keyboard Cat Moon from Threadless.


Quoth Threadless:

Thank you, series of tubes for giving us "Three Keyboard Cat Moon." Once there were two separate Internet memes: Keyboard Cat – the loveable slapstick video closer, and Three Wolf Moon – the tee that launched a thousand satirical comments.

Now, you’ve morphed them together on Threadless via a design duo called OXEN to create a tee of historical proportions. In a matter of days, it’s become Threadless’ highest score ever, most votes ever, and most "I’d Buy It’s" ever. This tee is so ridiculous and amazing that we’re printing it now before the end of our scoring period!

Ironic jokes are just a fraction of what makes Threadless such an amazing place, and we thank you for weaving those tubes together to create the artistic diversity of our community.

Have at it!

– @bradyohalloran