The Visual Thesaurus

November 19, 2009

From the vault: I do like this visual thesaurus tool/website Creatively it’s never easy finding that perfect word but this tool makes life a lot easier. Hopping between words is effortless and the definitions are always to hand. The default animation can be a little distracting at times but you can tweak the settings somewhat. The only downside – trial is pretty short, and then you’re up for $2.95 per month or $19.95 a year.



Simple but useful service

November 29, 2008

the internet is getting more and more busy by the hour and hosting environments have to keep up with bigger traffic every day.

No wonder websites go down all the time – how often did you want to go to a site because it had some useful information for you and all you get is a 404 error – like the Live Cashback site from Microsoft on the weekend here.

Now there is a new service that will notify you when it comes back up: very simple concept – very useful tool!


check it out here

The best email/Outlook add-on ever made – Xobni.

July 3, 2008

Email is great, but it makes my life hell at the same time. This great free and very useful Outlook add-on/extension from Xobni (that’s ‘inbox’ spelled backwards) tells you exactly what’s happening with your email. Hurrah! You’ll see who’s sending you what, stats gallore, and makes searching a lot faster through indexing. The analytics are brilliant.


Yes, (see above) since 2004 I’ve gone from 6,000 emails to 16,000 that is with all spam removed. Wondered why I couldn’t get any work done these days! (Notice that I actually send a lot less now – I try to use the phone more).

image You can see who sent you how much, what and when + get threaded conversations and all files in one spot. Not to mention how quickly you responded etc. Also links through to Linked In for additional information which is kind of handy.

A little slow installing/indexing (took about 35 mins for me) but then again, look at the amount of information this thing is crunching.