Unboxing the Parrot AR Drone

October 26, 2010

We love unboxing gadgets! …and the AR Drone from Parrot is GREAT fun. The Drone is controlled via an iPhone app which works by tilting your phone to steer whilst viewing a live video feed through a camera mounted in the Drone. It’s a truly usable Augmented Reality device.


How to buy in Australia: We ordered it from Amazon.com. It took 3 days to be delivered to Sydney from the US and cost just under $350.00 AUD including delivery.

So here it is the unboxing through to a test flight…

Amazon delivers it in a HUGE box…

Slightly smaller, but still big box inside…

The Drone is neatly packed surrounded by protective cardboard.

No unwrapping necessary. It pops straight out. Nothing to assamble.


Battery, battery pack and stickers for the external shell.


It comes with the outdoor shell, and adaptors for Au, UK, US, EU.

Below: Unboxed looking at home in the studio…


Below: @bradyohalloran takes an instagram photo of the AR Drone:


Below: Flight Test: This a video taken from the Drone’s camera in the studio.

Below: We do like the idea of attaching a GoPro camera to the Drone to attain HD video – here’s a nice clip of someone flying the drone pretty high… (you can unlock the altitude sensor in the iphone app allowing you to go up as hi as the wifi lets you).

Below: The Promo Vid for the AR Drone.

Things you should know before you buy:

You get one battery that lasts for about 15 mins flying time.
Charger comes with four adaptors incl AUS, UK, US, EU.
You need an iphone or ipod touch to control it.
You don’t need a wifi network (the Drone creates one).
It takes about 5-10 mins to get to grips with the controls.
You need a seperate app to record video.
Onboard Video is 15fps
There is a secondary camera on the bottom of the Drone.
You need 2 of them to have a virtual dogfight.
It’s much bigger than it looks.
It’s a lot of fun.

Unboxing what Facebook gave its friends for Xmas…

January 6, 2009

We all love a good unboxing, so we were pretty interested to see what Facebook sends their ’friends’ for Xmas. We get on well with them in Aus so the guys were keen to see what was in the box that arrived last year… We only opened it today – Jan 6 2009.

Here’s Bux our Media director looking pretty excited. Big box – must be good!

Okay… about 4 Facebook T-shirts. Yep, they’ll make good pajamas.

Wait there’s another pressie at the bottom of the box. Looks a little more interesting…

No way a video camera!?

Even better – a Facebook branded digital Video camera… 🙂
OK it may not be HD, but that’s a pretty sweet gift.
Thanks Facebook 🙂

The Most Realistic Unboxing of All Time

September 16, 2008

Oh, man this made me laugh.

I’d say our Surface tables were easier to open than this and we needed a crowbar.