11 plug-ins and scripts that will change the way you use Twitter. No technical ability required.

February 22, 2009

imageI wrote a few weeks ago about how anyone can easily change the Twitter web interface with Firefox and the GreaseMonkey plug-in (here). The great news is that this process is so easy that there’s little reason not to give this a go – you really are only a few clicks away from what’s shown below. Here’s some power UI enhancements I have chosen – and yes, this list goes to eleven.

Have fun, @Eunmac


  1. You’ll need Firefox. (here)
  2. You’ll need to install the GreaseMonkey Addon (here)
  3. Now click the links below to add new features to change your Twitter interface.

1. Nested Replies in Twitter: (install here)
This is by far the most useful script for me. It collates a threaded conversation of replies inside the twitter page. Without this it is very hard to see what conversation took place.


2. Add Bio’s to Friend Following/Followers page (install here)

When you’re checking out someone’s ‘following’ page you get no information other than a picture and a name. Useless! Anyway, if you add this script and you’ll see all their details including a bio, follower info and even last tweet. Here’s me checking out who Guy Kawasaki is following:


3. Sidebar Replies Panel (install here)
See all other replies sent to another Twitter user.


4. Auto shortening of URL (install here)


5. Mentions and unread replies: (install here)


6. Add Friend Name Helper (install here)
Auto suggests names from your following list.


7. Add Retweet Button (install here)


8. Power Twitter. (install here)
This is plug-in for Firefox. It displays videos and images nested inside conversations.


9. Expand Short URLs (install here)
Don’t get fooled by those short bit.ly urls anymore, this plugin will reveal the full url inside the web interface.

10. Endless Tweets (install here)
This is pretty cool, as you get to the bottom of the page, the page simply gets longer so you never have to move back and forth between pages.


11. Add search and Tools to sidebar (install here)

Other useful scripts:
Hide All re-tweets. (install here)
Block tweets with specific words (install here)
Reveal followers. Places icon over those following you (install here)
Shrink tweets with Tweetshrink (install here)

Want to see all the twitter scripts? There are over 300 on userscripts.org (here)

Found any more great tools? Add them to the comments please 🙂

Amazing WPF demo

August 7, 2008

This amazing demo shows off some new features of soon-to-be-released WPF v3. (WPF is big brother to Microsoft SilverLight)

WPF - 3d sphere with per-pixel transparency

3D sphere in transparent window with per-pixel hit testing!

These are some of the features I can remember off the top of my head (that blow off the top of my head!):

  • Transparent windows with per-pixel hit-testing. This means, for example, you can have a 3D model floating on your desktop (with no window), and mouse clicks are so accurate you can click between gaps in the 3D model and grab applications behind (see video @ ~8:00).
  • Supports fully interactive 2D UI elements on 3D surfaces. The demo shows buttons, textboxes, scrollbars, tick boxes… all being used on a 3D cloth simulation (see video @ ~6:00).
  • Full integration with DirectX/3D. This means elements of existing 3D games (think World of Warcraft, Halo or the Sims) and applications can be used seamlessly within a WPF app and vice versa.
  • Programmable pixel shaders for hardware accelerated special effects. Imagine a video playing on a 3D plane, with a real time chroma key / transparency … all without taxing the CPU (see video @ ~10:45). Translation – you will be able to apply any photoshop filter in realtime to your UI elements.
  • Writeable bitmap. Fast access to a traditional bitmap image for custom software rendering. Perfect for creating 2D bitmap games, paint programs etc.

There are a ton of other features but I wont bore you.

Not that these demos show anything that would necessasily be sane to do in real life – the exercise is left to the reader to imagine how these powerful features could be applied to create stunning, compelling, revolutionary, intuitive user experiences.

Who is going to be the first to harness WPF to its true potential? I have yet to see anything close to being a killer WPF application… but these upcoming features really leave imagination as the last remaining obstacle.

When a team with the right combination of creative & tech finally get stuck into WPF the results are going to be spectacular.

Top 12 Digital Design posts of 2008

July 2, 2008

From one of our great ‘sister’ blogs in Avenue A Razorfish. A highly useful digest of all the blogged opinions within digital in 2008.