Facebook Video Chat… World Takeover Strategy

July 7, 2011

Now that facebook has not only dominated the social network space, launched a successful advertising platform, launched geo location offline business integration(facebook places), why not just jump into another market ? video chat ?

The facebook+skype integration allows users to connect with their online friends via skype

how to setup facebook video chat

video chat

Step 1 seen above is selecting the person you want to start a video chat with.

facebook video chat installation

installing facebook video chat

Next thing we need to do is download and install the software that makes the video chat possible, this is a simple 2 click process(Tell google to keep it simple). Are you excited yet ?

facebook video chat installer

video chat installer

Now you run the file and within seconds you can be chatting away with people all over the globe. Without having to invite them into circles(out the box functionality, now way!) Yes way.

video chat installer progress

video chat away

A simple web call authentication that installs the program

calling someone on facebook video chat

video chat call request

What you see above is what it looks like when requesting a video chat call(if you are the person requesting it).

recieving calls on facebook

recieving calls on facebook

A simple call request before a call launch is seen above and the grand finale, the peice de resistance is seen below.. Drumroll please

And below is my little cousin who never wants to use any new technology(we all know someone like her)

facebook video calls

arguing with late adopters


Since none of my friends have video calls and the 1 person I called was unlcothed, it will be a while before you see the actual video call image