Web fonts – where are we? Untangling the tangle

July 20, 2009

This post from I Love Typography explains how close designers may be to practical solutions for total typography freedom for editable text in web pages.


One solution discussed is TypeKit, a subscription based font licensing system.


Interesting read for web designers and font nerds. @iclazie

The Key Features of Social Media and Networking Sites

June 5, 2009

Smashing Magazine comes though again with a brilliantly in-depth article about the user interface design of social networking sites and what makes them good user experiences.


They’ve chunked them down to 9 key points:

1. Simple Interface Is The Key

2. Prominent and Functional Search
3. Prominent Call-To-Action-Buttons
4. Calm Separation of Elements
5. Treat text as User Interface
6. Simple and Usable Forms
7. Real-Time Updates
8. Word-Of-Mouth-Advertising and Personalization
9. User-Centric User Interface

The article is a must read for any web designers or social media gurus, its very in-depth and definitely one to bookmark and pass on.

Read it here


*note: image by Kleinmania

Designers Staying Ahead of The Curve

June 4, 2009

I just finished reading a really well put together article on Six Revisions about how to go about getting ahead of the design game in these tough times. with so many designers going out on their own there are a few things author/designer/developer Aaron Irizarry thinks we should focus on.


From collaboration to hitting the books to really just wanting to do what you do, the article is a good little way to get your mind back on track and think about why we became designers in the first place and what we want to get out of our careers.

While the article focuses on designers it’s a good read and pertinent advice for most of us.

Give it some love here.

Web design is 95% typography

May 1, 2009


Interesting article for designers from Information Architects Japan on the topic of information design and typography. Helpful for designers who struggle with getting past the visual aspect and into the information being communicated.


Incidentally, IA’s 4th web trends map is in beta. Amazing visualisation effort which makes a fascinating poster.