People Power Keeping Wikipedia Alive and Well.

January 5, 2010

A note posted by Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales recently (here) speaks for itself. Whilst Brin, Page, Zuckerberg, Stone, Dorsey (Google, Facebook, Twitter founders) are the corporate internet rock stars, Jimmy along with Larry Sangar and others can stand proud seeing the results of recent fund raising for Wikipedia which is a non-profit organisation and currently the 5th largest site in the world.

Wikipedia stands tall above all others as the ultimate proof of concept for crowdsourcing – a model few would have considered possible 15 years ago, but now commonplace in most social media and digital strategies. Congrats to Wikipedia on continually proving everyone wrong 🙂


“Thank You from Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales

Wow. What can I say? Thank you.

We’ve just ended the most successful fundraiser in our history, $7.5 million USD raised in less than 8 weeks.

Incredible. But I’m not surprised.

In 2001, I took a bet on people, and you’ve never let me down.

You have created the largest collection of human knowledge ever assembled: 14 million encyclopedia articles in 270 languages, still growing and getting better every day. You have supported, funded and protected it.

Advertising doesn’t pay for Wikipedia. You do. Wikipedia is the fifth most visited website on earth – 340 million people last month – and we run our servers and pay our lean staff entirely with donations.

Your donations keep Wikipedia free to use and free of ads. Your donations keep spreading free access to knowledge all across the earth.

Thank you for everything you give to make Wikipedia a reality. I’ve been inspired by your comments, and feel privileged to witness your passion for Wikipedia.

  • “When I’m at a loss for answers in life, you are always here to rescue me!” – Lauren Sierra
  • “To my 6-year-old son, Wikipedia is a wonderful window into the world’s knowledge.” – Pilgrim Beart
  • “Wikipedia é muito importante para todos. É uma conquista da humanidade.” – Fernando Borba
  • "Wikipedia is all about fulfilling one simple need: immediate access to high quality information on any topic you can think of. That is why I’m glad to support it." – Joao Nunes

It’s an amazing story. There’s nothing else like it.

And if you haven’t yet made a contribution to support Wikipedia, it’s not too late. You can still make a gift to support the free and open sharing of knowledge. Just click here.

I also encourage you to support our friends:

Thank you again.

Wikipedia forever,

Jimmy Wales

Founder, Wikipedia”

Wikipedia approaches its limits

August 17, 2009

Most of us (internet users) use Wikipedia everyday, weather it’s for work, school, or personal development. It’s a valuable resource for all, young and old.

Recently the Guardian wrote an article about how Wikipedia became one of the biggest repositries of knowledge and what’s install for it’s future.

Personally I think Wikipedia is great but I often wonder: Is Wikipedia’s future bright? Or will it be superseded? How will it change? Is the user experience built to last? Wikipedia illo

“The online encyclopedia is about to hit 3m articles in English – but growth is stalling as ‘inclusionists’ and ‘deletionists’ fight for control.”

Read more here…


Chris Anderson’s new book, ‘Free’, rife* with…plagiarism

June 24, 2009

chris anderson free plagiarismApparently, Chris Anderson thinks everything should be free. Footnotes citing large portions of quotes were culled from the Wired editor’s new book, Free, and even though attribution for other sources were included throughout the book, those from Wikipedia were not.

Obviously, Anderson is maintaining his plagiarism was completely unintentional and has issued an apology alongside his publisher, and has promised to amend this situation (albeit online). It’s a little bit unfortunate, given the topic he’s ultimately discussing in this book.