Even robots love Obama

November 6, 2008



ObamaBot’s University of Florida creators see the world as so imperfect, that they’d prefer to pal around with robots who would target their own planet.

The $250 ObamaBot stands 6-feet tall and regurgitates stump speeches by the president-elect while presumably cleansing the Earth of any naysayers.

You know you have made it when even the robots vote for you.

Friend Magnet. Ninemsn Instant Win Web Messenger Promotion.

August 29, 2008

From the makers of Prize Rush (Ninemsn and Amnesia) – you can now use your Messenger login to win amazing instant double prizes with our new game (Friend Magnet) whilst you chat with your mates. The best bit – If you win a prize – YOUR MATE WINS THE SAME THING :)))

Use the Magnet (below) to try to hook up the prize you want… Very easy to play.


A pretty cool physics engine, and to our knowledge the first time someone has used the official web messenger API to build a game like this… kinda cool? Good luck!


BTW: Here’s the 15 sec TV Ad for Friend Magnet:

(TVC produced by Amnesia)