Amnesia Connect wins Silver ADMA award

November 28, 2011

Amnesia was awarded a silver last week at the ADMA awards for Amnesia Connect in the Apps and New Development category.


The finalists are below and well done to TBWA for Gold on Pedigree in the same category.


Big effort from Iain, Heiko, Stephan and Dan for the work.

If you have not seen connect before you may well of been hiding under a rock so here it is in action.

Great result and hopefully next year we win gold.


Best Homes of the Year crowned – and I want one

May 5, 2010

every year for the past 5 years Electronic House has run a contest for the best electronic houses out there. From home theatres to ultra-connected kitchens over 250 projects were submitted and out of 15 categories 43 winners were chosen.

Here are some of my favourites:

The BatCave meets Home theater

closed with a secret button hidden in the fireplace to open a new world




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