World Youth Day, Sydney: The force is strong.

July 17, 2008

The pope made his first appearance at World Youth Week today … and so did someone else. This was snapped in Bondi this morning. Clearly the force is strong in Sydney.

Amnesia wishes Sydney’s guests a very happy stay with us.


Connecting Lives Exhibition Sydney,

July 15, 2008

A great new exhibition (info here) coinciding with World Youth Day which allows you to step through the life of an African child (there are three stories, three children of which you follow one). It’s a very moving experience which takes about 20 minutes in total and highlights some of the individual problems and tragedy still facing children today in Africa.

(I won’t spoil what’s inside… go there and look for yourself)



I had a good read through the comments at the end and people were definitely affected in a positive way.

There’s no hard sell, or guilt trip – this is just a message of hope. It’s free, but if you can’t make it there are plenty of ways to get involved from the World Vision website: