Alan Wake – The Project

May 12, 2010

Here’s a little something we worked on recently for Xbox Australia that was pretty fun. We kidnapped a bunch of Xbox gamers, stuck some probes on them and then left them alone in various locations at the Quarantine Station at Sydney’s North Head. Oh, yeah, they got to play Alan Wake before anyone else in the country.

Interesting to see how the body responds to intense situations in games. Alan Wake has its share of them too. I’ve had a go myself and I’m in no hurry to go wandering in the woods at night any time soon.

Check the site out at

There’s some more videos you can check out and a bunch of pics on Flickr.

Take your score wherever you want

March 8, 2010

At the TechEd Middle East Microsoft showed off a game developed in Visual Studio. The interesting thing about this is that it plays on Windows with a keyboard, on the 360 with a controller and on your Windows phone 7 series using the accelerometer.

The real awesome thing about it is that you can start the game on your phone, then keep playing (from the same spot) on your PC at work (in your lunch break of course) and then finish it on your 360 at home.

check out the demo here

Offset the evil – Pony to the rescue

April 4, 2008

Offset the evil is an anti-violence website, ironically promoting the extremely violent game Condemned 2 on Xbox 360. We thought it was really clever and well executed …although it did remind us a little of “Happy Tree Friends” which has always been the benchmark for adult cartoon gore / black comedy.

(Heard the site was made by Clemenger Australia? [to be confirmed]). Anyway watch the video below then go and OFFSET YOUR EVIL!