BrandTable – NFC concept that will alter your food court experience

The University of Sydney has a great bunch of interaction design students and one of them is Stephen Davis.

As you all know Amnesia Razorfish is always trying to stay ahead of the curve especially when it comes to new technologies so when Stephen had the idea of the BrandTable we were able to help him out a little.


Together with Publicis Mojo we were able to get him first hand insights into Paypal and Google and what they are planning in regards to mobile payments. We were also able to help him with the build of his prototype that shows how NFC could be used in future.

Check out the video:


Here is what Stephen has to say about his creation:

Brand Table is a product designed initially for shopping centre food courts that takes in an order via a mobile device in where item selection and payment will occur.

Brand Table uses NFC technology along with Java and the Android SDK to pull a menu for a restaurant upon contact with one of the specially designed Brand Stickers (to be placed on the table). This method should provide a low cost and tangible experience in where one can order a meal via mobile payments.

Some benefits include:

  • Ordering on the go
  • Not having to line up
  • No Cash needed

Brand Table was created for ongoing research in mobile payments in conjunction with the University of Sydney,Mojo and Amnesia Razorfish.

Model of Phone used: Nexus-S

Special thanks to Stephan Lange, Heiko Schweickhardt and Tim Buesing for making this project possible.


Great work from Stephen and we are hoping to see this concept come to life and we don’t have to stay in line at our favourite food court anymore.


4 Responses to BrandTable – NFC concept that will alter your food court experience

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  2. Really like the simplicity of the concept. It has a clear value proposition (save time when ordering and paying) and it seems really easy to use. Looks like a winner.

    I’d imagine the next step would be to integrate user data into the mix to incorporate loyalty style incentives.

    Great work.

  3. Ken says:

    Really terrific. I could see this implemented today. I would imagine demand could be generated for this relatively quickly.

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