I’m a PC and I like the new Microsoft ad.

OK, this I get. The first two ads with Seinfeld and Gates… not so much.

Rather than just perplex us with more “nothing”, Microsoft (via Crispin, Porter + Bogusky) have launched the next ad in their new $200m Windows campaign.

The third commercial tackles Apple’s (in)famous Mac vs PC ads head on and is the first to use Microsoft’s new slogan: “Windows. Life without walls.” Jerry Seinfeld sat this one out, but Bill returns and he’s joined by Eva Longoria, Deepak Chopra and a horde of Microsoft employees.

Verdict: I like.

2 Responses to I’m a PC and I like the new Microsoft ad.

  1. Sven Farkas says:

    Too reactionary i reckon. At least the Sienfeld stuff was unique. They should carve their own path, not react off Apples (all those 90’s lawsuits are over i guess)

    Plus you realise half those people in the ad probably use macs?

    ps. You guys should disclose that your a MS company somewhere on this blog, at least in pro-MS posts or anti-mac/playstation ones too 😉
    I aint Media watch or anything and your def not John Laws, but hopefully you get my drift?
    But good to see a bit of loyalty in the workplace anyhow, now fire up that Zune, listen to some DJ Jazzy Jeff, and edit your PPT’z on your Windows Mobile.. aiiiii 😉

  2. Brady says:

    We don’t make a big deal of the the MS thing because Microsoft have no say in what we post, feel or use to do our work. All opinions on the blog are those of the poster.

    Also, I’m pretty sure I said that 66% of MS’s recent ads didn’t do it for me. The new one is a great response to the Mac ads, IMHO, because it says “Hey, Apple. Your ads don’t insult PCs. They insult PC users.”

    I AM a PC…. with an iPhone. 🙂

    You’ll notice that the two posts after this one praise Nintendo and ads for a phone that uses Google software.

    No bias here, mate. 😉

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