How to extinguish Malaria

Mosquitoes are the prime movers of the disease and plenty of people have spend years trying to find ways on how to get rid of the little suckers.

Now a company called Intellectual Venture labs has a solution – you use lasers to shoot them down mid air.

They first publicly demonstrated this laser (which is made of parts of printers, digital cameras, and projectors) at the TED conference the other day, using hundreds of mosquitoes in a clear glass case to make his point. The laser’s software determines the size and shape of the target before deciding whether or not to shoot.The lasers could be used to protect hospitals and clinics in areas with high mosquito populations and in areas with a high rate of malaria infestation.

Here is a video of it working

I personally think that we should find a way to prevent malaria and getting rid of mosquitoes seems to be the way to go, but burning them alive mid-air doesn’t seem right.


2 Responses to How to extinguish Malaria

  1. eunmac says:


  2. grayprice says:

    This cheers my very soul. Where can I get one?

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