The future of the newspaper from 1981

I found this video on techcrunch here about the future of newspapers seen back in 1981 and wanted to share it with you all – it’s quite funny

My favourite part is that it takes over 2 hours to receive the whole newspaper and back then the hourly use charge of the telephone was $5 which makes this newspaper 10 bucks – pretty hefty 🙂


4 Responses to The future of the newspaper from 1981

  1. Elk says:

    Thank you *very* much for sharing your insight. I’ll bookmark this.

  2. Successful says:

    Hi, Thanks you. Happy blogging sorry.. women healt

  3. Litzau says:

    Heey! Gotta something for yaa!

  4. Swallow says:

    kurdish girls frontpage

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