The wooden Ruler 2.0

The ruler is one of those everyday things we use and never really think about it twice. This is how it works and that’s it.

2 designers with the support of udk industrial design department designed the “Electronic Ruler”. It is a concept that measures the length of drawn lines no matter where on the ruler you start and stop drawing. It can also measure the distance between 2 points, add the value of different lines and change its scale.

To make it even cooler they placed a set of LEDs under a thin strip of wood-like material that displays the digits.



found here

3 Responses to The wooden Ruler 2.0

  1. Belinda says:

    The link to the manufacturer (“found here”) results in an error page. Can you please fix it?

  2. stephanlange says:

    It must have been down on their end when you tried it, it is working for me.

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