Amnesia gets appy at Australian Mobile Awards

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have good news: Amnesia Razorfish is a finalist in the Australian Mobile Awards!

This is for the fantastic work by the team in creating the Australia Post Postcards App. The app itself allows you to send personalized post cards from anywhere in the world, on your iPhone, back to your friends and family in Australia.

To go the next step (you know, and WIN) we need your vote. VOTE NOW by clicking HERE, HERE or HERE.

Some background on the project

The Brief:

  • Bring a traditional offline service, online
  • Position Australia Post as a digital leader providing “Future Ready” services

The App:

  • Create a personalized postcard on your iPhone from anywhere in the world.
  • Your friends and family are delivered a hard copy in the mail within 6 days.
  • UX is designed to let the sender ‘feel’ the postcard as they navigate the front and back of their creation.

The Results:

  • 3600 downloads in 3 weeks (no media spend)
  • Rated 4.5 on the app store
  • People are talking, including Sydney Morning Herald, Lifehacker and Desktop Mag


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