Never ever have greasy hands again

September 18, 2012

starting off the Tuesday with the best invention since sliced bread. OK, maybe not, but it is still pretty cool

Introducing the Popinator, a popcorn distribution machine that is voice activated. Simply say Pop and it will shoot a single popped corn in your direction and you can “easily” catch it with your mouth.


The Popinator

A binaural microphone array on the machine’s front listens for a clear “pop” voice command, determines where the command came from and shoots.

See it in action in the video below

There is no word on if this machine will ever see the day of light for all of us to acquire, but this is what the creating company (Popcorn, Indiana) had to say:

“All we have to say is: it is a work in progress right now. We certainly hope that one day it will become a commercial project, but as of now there is no shipping date and no price tag. It is purely a fun internal project we are toying with here at Popcorn Indiana. Based on the very positive responses we are getting online, we think this is well worth looking into as a commercial product.”

I really hope it does and I will install one in the office next to my desk.


voice controlled quad copter

March 26, 2010

we all want one of those AR.Dones that we wrote about previously here and here, but now there is a quad copter that does what you tell it to do and I really really want one.


created by the Robust Robotics Group at MIT it responds to natural language voice commands that are sent to the helo and off it goes.

check out the video


love it


Now you can talk to your phone and it understands you. no seriously blackberry’s can now listen =D

November 14, 2008

Vlingo the innovator in voice recognition for the Yahoo Mobile Onesearch has recently launched a new beta giving BlackBerry smart phone users control over mobile information and tasks with the power of their voice. Vlingo is currently a free download and available on the BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, & 88xx series.

Bottom line you can send a friend a text message without typing. Just speak, verify and send. Basically your phone figures out what you want, finds it and shows you how to get there. No tapping, no thumbs, just good old speaking which is suitable to avoid the no text/driving laws.

Furthermore here is what Vlingo can do…

  • Send and reply to emails and text messages
  • Search the Web
  • Dial the phone
  • Look up contacts
  • Send a “note to self”
  • Voice updates to Facebook & Twitter status updates
  • Tell A Friend
  • Read-back of the full text or email message that was spoken
  • The ability to launch built in programs:
    • Address Book
    • Alarm
    • BrickBreaker
    • Calculator
    • Calendar
    • Camera
    • Maps
    • Media
    • MemoPad
    • Messages
    • Options
    • Tasks
  • The ability to launch third party programs:
    • Facebook
    • Google Maps
    • Opera
    • Viigo

Over the next few quarters we are looking to see added support for Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Palm devices over time, on separate schedules.

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