Xbox 360 Paper Plane V2.0 Game

Newsflash 13 Sept 07: We have been working hard on a brand new ‘time wasting’ game engine, that is based loosly on Paper Plane. Something to do with Halo3 and Golf… (go figure!) Watch this space, we will post a link here very soon… .

Reskinned and revamped for Xbox Australia. Version 2 of Amnesia’s rather addictive “Paper Plane” game is live…

Xbox Paper Plane

Original Paper Plane game (Flight Sim X) with over 75 million games played is here:

Some good user tips and comments here:

154 Responses to Xbox 360 Paper Plane V2.0 Game

  1. Reuben says:

    166.407m – Rank 1 – lets see how long I last

  2. Can'tStop! says:

    148.476m – Rank 119 – Games Played 95,568.
    I can’t find those last few meters!

  3. Started playing when V2 was only at Β±2000 people. Got to 150,711 in the first day. Was ranked no 6. Now only a few days later over 100 000 people and am ranked no 31. Help!!! I cant get past 150,711m……………

  4. Can'tStop! says:

    For anyone trying to get a handle on the paperplane game here is a page with some tips to get you started.

    For anyone getting better distances than 148m please have a look and tell me what I am doing wrong! πŸ˜‰


  5. Reuben says:

    I wish I could help but since I got the 166.407m I haven’t been able to get past 152m

    I wish I could remember what I did

  6. JstChillin says:

    I have been sitting at 155.685 with an original ranking of 8 which is now 12 for a week. There is a sweet spot to do this. Nothing to do with the mouse. How to get past 160, I dont know????

  7. Lampir says:

    Cant get past 148.7 😦

  8. Richie-rich says:

    Help I can’t get past 150

  9. Reuben says:

    Q for Iain

    Can you do anything about posting the top 10 throws either on a high score list on the game or at the top of this page?

  10. Iain says:

    Thanks for the question Reuben – I’m sure we can dig the scores out of the database at some point soon and post here -Something I’ll have to get the programmers to do when they have a moment. For the record, there were a couple of reasons why we decided not to put the high scores in the game itself: We found out from other games we made like that more people played the game without the high score list – it actually seems to put people off. A massive top score caused people to think they would never make the list, so they didn’t bother playing. Of course you can actually get a high score table in paper plane by creating a league with your friends.

    BTW my best throw is 152.768 and currently ranked 19. I know my score is the best at Amnesia to date (from our own league) and not even the guys in the team that built the game have beaten my throw just yet. No doubt a matter of time…

    Thanks to everyone for playing and giving such great feedback on what is a pretty simple (and yes slightly annoying) game.

    Keep spreading the word because the more people that play, the more chance we’ll have of making a version 3 which we would love to do, and if anyone has any suggestions for improved features, please post them here – we like to hear any input good or bad!

  11. Reuben says:

    Thanks for the reply Iain.

    I hope to get above 155 again sometime soon

  12. MC223 says:

    I threw 153.798 and im ranked 49th at 346, 763 throws… That 160 mark must be in an incredibly tiny range… Ive tried almost everything i swear but still to no avail…

  13. Thylacine says:

    Nice tip shot there Can’tStop! I tend to get the furthest the most regularly with the plane manipulated that way, but pretty sure I got my furthest so far (149m) having it lower (ie the same distance between exit and reentry points (of the mouse) but everything lower.

  14. Reuben says:

    I am devestated…

    I am now ranked no 2. Who has beten me???

    I can’t even spell rite cos of this..

  15. fflibra says:

    Hi! I was wondering where we can log-in, if there is, to save our scores. In that way you retain your highest score even if you change computers or web browsers. Because in my home computer (Firefox) my highest is 155 (rank 18, 2 days ago), when I changed user profile due to some problems and used IE6 my highest is 151, while in my office computer (IE6) my highest is 148.
    Otherwise, these games (v 1 & 2) are great.

  16. MC223 says:

    Currently ranked 17th with 158.571 @ 489280 throws… Closer to the 160 mark

  17. […] to the v. 1. Hope I’m not spoiling the fun. The challenge goes on for the farthest distance. Xbox 360 Paper Plane V2.0 Game "How wonderful life is while you’re in the world." – Elton […]

  18. 149.9 and holding... says:

    for those of you able to surpass 150, I gotta know… is it luck? Or can you do that pretty consistently? I can get to 149 with ease, but the capricious winds and such make it seem like it’s a real crap shoot. IE, the same throw could go 125 or 145. If it’s just luck, I am not so interested.

    But if there is some sweet spot (and no, I don’t think upper left corner is the place to start), I am curious about what it is.

    rank 796 (and falling quickly)

  19. markphelan says:

    143.406 is my highest, ranked 3518, can’t seem to pass. Consistently get 123 – 140 but can’t surpass the 143 mark. Don’t know what anyone else is doing different then I am. I go furthest if i don’t do a loop in the beginning… I always do a nose dive around 50…

  20. Jon Bates says:

    I have st up a league for mates. when i close the browser and open it to playa gain, the league has dissapeared. I have spoke to mate who say they ahve an ID in the address window ? Can someone help becasue as it stands, i set the league up and i cant play in it.

  21. tim says:

    ok we have been playing this for over a week now and none of us can get past the 150 mark. what is the trick????????????? PLEASE HELP BECAUSE THE LITTLE PAPER AIRPLANES ARE PECKING AT ME AND LAUGHING!!!!

  22. matt says:

    Please will someone please tell me the best way of getting past 149 m there must be a way as most of you on here are getting 150 +

  23. Iain says:

    @ Jon Bates.

    Thanks for the question on leagues. To restore your league you must use the custom URL emailed to you after you set the league up (it will look like this example – – see the unique code at the end… that’s the important bit). Note: The URL is different for all players in the league, so you need to look after your own. Alternatively, if one of your friends has access to the league, they can add you as a player again from the league screen again, although you may appear to have two scores in the same league. Hope this helps.

    Everyone else playing …thanks for taking the game past 1 million games πŸ™‚

    Iain from Amnesia

  24. Iain says:

    BTW: Make sure you ‘tune your senses’ fully to throw the plane that little bit further…

  25. Jon Bates says:


    I have checked all my email folders and unfortunately, i didnt receive a mail. I have asked my colleagues to add me and when they try it keeps saying server error 4 ???????

    Can you help ?



  26. Jon Bates says:

    I just set up anothe rleague. All seemed fine, i had 2 throws, it all registered but when i closed the browser and reopened it, the league details were gone and your fun one was there (the link and id you posted above)
    I have received no email either.

    Jon ???

  27. donkey says:

    my best is 150.482……ranked 611

    cant seem to beat it

  28. Give us some ideas... says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get past 149m? I have tried just about everything one can but cant seem to find the magic touch.

  29. Give us some ideas... says:

    Anyone? Lets get some places to be starting at and lauch spots…

  30. donkey says:

    well ever since i got my 150 i cant seem get above 140

  31. Simon says:

    149.69 is my best effort, I am ranked 1470

  32. Dave says:

    Experiment with a few cm’s from the top corner, I have managed 155.747 so far – placing me in 51st position – can’t for the life of me work out how 50 people have got better!!!

  33. raj says:

    I am getting 140-150 everytime but unable to cross that. Let me know if someone crossed 150 and is there any trick in that

  34. Help me says:

    Help, best I can get is 143. 390

  35. Procrastinate says:

    Does going 150+ have anything to do with the 2 clouds at 110 and 120 mark??

  36. Still Learning says:

    Currently ranking 32 at 160.968m. I wonder what’s the distance for the Ranking 1 at the moment??

  37. Shav says:

    Come on there has to be some tips to hit over the 150 mark.

  38. bob says:

    wow 2nd place 171.547

  39. Shav says:

    come on, any tips?

  40. Giga Bite says:

    yeah, I tried the ones here…

    Improved my score but am still working on make the 155m mark!

  41. crash says:

    I start in the top left corner, but cannot get farther than 112…

  42. ThrowTheLlama says:

    the tip listed above is from the previous version. Sampled several different throwing methods, and cannot get past the 147 range. Any tips? I can understand you long throwers not wanting to give it up, but I am frustrated! Good times.

  43. Reuben says:

    I have now dropped even more

    166.407m – Rank 30 – Games played 4.5 Mill

  44. night says:

    So is the loop at the start good or bad, i have been retarting everytime i loop, and trying to avoid it, has anyone broke 150 with/without loop, please let me know, and any tips help, im at 149.

  45. Adam says:

    There is a cloud around 45-50 meters that i go through from 45-49 then it stops me, forces me down at 49-50 meters… i still get between 135 and 149 by going through this cloud and it slowing me down… but i have the feeling that if i can stop it slowing me here and i can go straight through or over my score will be much higer… anyone else get this ?

  46. Kollapse says:

    I am pretty damn good at most games but I have tried for the past hour to get into high ranks for this game and can only get 148.62metres. Whats the so called ‘sweet spot’ here and what posistion on the other side are you meant to hit?

  47. Drew Hill says:

    This is how i throw the plane i start in the middle do a counter clockwise 360 with the mouse an if it is a good throw you wont hite the plant it will go threw it so you are going up towards the window not down and yes the back flip is nothing almost ever good throw i have had it did a back flip my friend got a 160 the other day doing this im still at 144

  48. onefourtyeight says:

    Can someone post info on how to get over 150? Like many others i am unable to get over 148. Please help!!

  49. Guitarman says:

    I have only managed to get 150.39.I use the so called cheat method.Drag the plane up to the upper left corner and then take your cursor outside of the frame and bring it back around to the right side and enter the frame at the upper horizontal bar above the table.You have to experiment with the entry point,give or take a pixel.I’ve managed to repeat my longest distance a number of times,but thats all.The players that are getting the mid 150’s to 160+ are onto something that I wish they would share with the rest of us.Damn this stupid game,that at times has me cursing aloud.Good luck onefourtyeight.

  50. praywin says:

    what i’ve figured out is that the best throws are the ones where you exit the window from near the top. whether you use the cheat or flick the plane with the mouse if you exit from the center of the window or lower you aren’t going to get your best distance.

  51. Mesarim says:

    I managed to get 196.61 but i think it glitched. it gave me rank 20, and i have a screen shot, but it’s best to check out my mini league at

  52. Jo says:

    My friend set up a league and I added other players. However one person I added did not receive an email (all the others received theirs OK) so I tried to add them again and it came up with server error 4?? Any ideas?

  53. I’ve got 150.849 Global Rank 3137. Can’t seem to get any higher with out the risk of being fired from work. Shame really. Any help would be good. 😦

  54. RadarRic says:

    k, would someone please share tips on making multiple loops?

    I promise to share my wife to the person who replies with working tips. (male or female)


  55. Guitarman says:

    If you go to the Amnesia blog,which is for the V1 of the paperplane game ,you’ll see an entry from Chris dated August 30th.I used his technique and hit 154.431,with a global rank of 948 as of this entry.As Chris said,if you can get the plane to spin at the second globe you should get a good distance.Now if I could figure out a way to get 160+ I’d really be siked.Rueben;it’s time for you to give up your method to hit 160 and beyond.

  56. RadarRic says:

    thx Guitarman, using Chris’ technique I did a 150 with a double globe loop, and a 154.225 using close to the same spots with no loops. I guess I owe you my wife πŸ˜‰

  57. Guitarman says:

    RadarRic;I’m twice divorced and would prefer a six pack of Saranac Pomegranate Wheat.My current score of 154.872 is my best so far,which also was without any loops.

    • Trond says:

      All u guys are full off shit, I can only do 114.24 meter with every trick described here. What fucking cloud at 40-50 meter? Damn game!

  58. chris says:


  59. chris says:

    oh by the way both the loops where close together and nearly turned on themself
    very tight back flips it was going very very fast
    still low flight path
    damn those 160+ pilots

  60. […] version 1.0Β  (FlightsimX released Dec 06)- Note: A good throw is +110m version 2.oΒ  (xbox skin +updated gameplayΒ released July 07)- A good throw is +145m (discuss scores here) […]

  61. Iain says:

    Hi , sorry not to have replied more quickly to some of the questions above. We do want to address issues and questions when we get the chance, but as usual we’re pulling long hours on a billion other things. Anyway… The leagues appear to be working fine – we did have to optimise some code on both this version and the V1.0 FlightSim version because these games were never designed to cope with the levels of interest they’ve had. Always a nice problem to deal with!

    So…. You guys have completely smashed any high scores the dev team here managed to achieve so well done. The posts above do mostly reflect the high scores in the database and appear genuine from what we can tell.

    Keep spreading the word. Thanks all. πŸ™‚

  62. sharon says:

    just got a 161.292 with a global ranking of 128 for v.2

  63. sharon says:

    my best is now at 181.299 for v2 global rankin of 55

  64. Matt says:

    Chris I’ve got 174.895 at the moment. Still behind you but I’m sitting here at matts and will be trying to beat you all day you black mf.

  65. sharon says:

    hope ur not referrin to me but im not a black mf ,im just a bored 45 yr old housewife

  66. Guitarman says:

    Just hit 182.236,ranked 66.Using a combination of the “Chris Method” and ??????zoooooooooom in.

  67. Guitarman says:

    I’m now at 203.826,with a ranking of 33.Same methods.I’m putting the plane up higher than previous attempts.Try a 1/4 inch or so from the top.

  68. Guitarman says:

    How’s a global rank of 24 sound! Thanks again to Chris and Fiying High.

  69. chris says:

    no need to be bored house wife playing with plains
    let me cum to your house and play with your x box

  70. Jay says:

    Blowing on the screen seems to help alot… 150.007 consistantly.

  71. fdhzk says:

    Is the secret to this staying in the various clouds on the way?
    trying to get past 150.442
    always in 130, regularily in 140. only been 150m plus that once.

    need help – trying to beat my dad who is gloating on 156m!

  72. Guitarman says:

    210.063 ranked 28. My best score,which still shows in my league play is 210.237.If you clean out cookies,history, cache etc. you have to start from scratch to show your best in the stats box.ZOOM IN AT LEAST 5 TIMES-COUNT TO 9 OR 10 AFTER THE GRASS SHOWS-CLICK SHOW ALL ON 9 OR 10.

  73. Lion's Hood says:

    To all those who wonder what the secret is. The fact of the matter is that not a single person in the world would tell you becuase, they just simply do not want to be beaten.

    My best is 178.359

  74. Guitarman says:

    There is no secret.Read the various suggestions from flyinghigh,chrisand yours truly and you can get 200 plus distances with no problem.You have to have a good “throw” to begin with and then use the “zoom” method.Who cares if some one beats your score.It’s a F^%#ing game for god’s sake.P.S.You have to go to the V1 blog to get Flying’s tips on zooming.Good luck Lion’s Hood.

  75. Queenie says:

    I totally agree with Guitarman’s last comment, being a newbie and using the various zooming methods I have clocked 125.73 on version 1 and 203.114 on version 2 and I am not a game player normally.

  76. FHS01 says:

    Come on, I can’t be the only one to had found a glitch in this game!!!
    Anyone out there no the cheat I’m onabout???

  77. chridouk says:

    how do u beat the 115 mark.
    im getting worked up as im losing numbers fast.

  78. Spiros says:

    why dont you make a high score page……

  79. Keppy says:

    I got it going an it never stopped, had to turn pc off when it got to 600m as i thought it was going to crash.

  80. Spiros says:

    I cant beleive it!!! 2,468m and I am ranked 1

  81. Spiros says:

    Cant beleive it…….. someone has beaten me….. I am now ranked 2

  82. Billy says:

    My best is 195.5m ranked 507. I’m able to get 190+ almost every time but cant beat my record. anyone got any tips?

  83. Addicted says:

    204.943 ranked 230 can someone tell me what the no. 1 score is so i can spend countless more hours trying to figure out how to beat it

  84. Addicted says:

    206.163 rank 114 woohoo

  85. Addicted says:

    207.804 rank 89 look out no.1

  86. Addicted says:

    209.94 rank50 yeah baby!!!

  87. Keppy says:

    How come my plane keeps dissapearing into a black hole at about 190m?

  88. confused says:

    will someone please be more specific about the zoom in method

  89. confused says:

    what is the glitch you are talking about too

  90. insomniac says:

    Thanks for the tip, this zoom certainly works. Jumped from 161 to 174 on first try.

  91. zoom cheat says:

    I have a new cheat for the zoom method. Put the airplane 1.5cm from the top then move the mouse to the other side off the screen. Then enter at the bottom of the cuboard. Then zoom in by right clicking onto the score 6 times. Then press enter and space rapidly as soon and as fast as possible. If done correctly you will easily reach 200 metres though it may take a number of attempts to master the technique.
    Hope this helps!!!

  92. CLETUS says:


  93. assclown says:

    omfg you lot are all such loser, the only person who seems to be on normal wave lenght is adam webster…this lot are no life gimps!! grow up and get a life its a fuckin computer game

  94. Ima Nutbar says:

    To the powers that be, love the games. ( FlightSim is my first love)
    I have reached 191.683, ranked 884(ouch) and am attempting to master some of the cheats listed to get above 200. (vs1 is 125.792 ranked 153)

    Query #1, When will you be coming out with a new plane game?

    Query #2, How high does each go (max score or # 1 ranking. I run a small business and have no one to be in a league with. If the info is out there short of being in a league, it would be nice to know what I’m ultimately shooting for)

    Query #3, I hate to be a killjoy and will probably sound very Aunty Mabel-esque, but I used to play this with my 8 year old son and we would scroll through the comments to find some info to better our game. I was relieved that I was the one to come across the profanity and not him. Is there a way to “clean up the boards” as it were?

    I understand that there are people with acute cases of verbal diarrhea, the likes of which Pepto-Bismol could not cure. This in mind, I realize that this is another person playing your game and silencing them might mean a player lost. However, I am sure that the posters of the cleaner messages would be more willing to boost those numbers via word of mouth if there was a any kind of ‘dip’ in your numbers so the loss would be, well, not so much a loss.

    Just a thought….

    Oh, and the gentlemen (term used as loosely as possible) who find it necessary to speak of their “member” in such high regard, please remember, you probably wouldn’t speak to your mother like that. Tone it down, please.

    (Fun is fun, and there have been some hilarious posts on these boards, but some of these are so far out there, one would be hard pressed to find a mention of the game in it. Not necessary.)

    (Will probably cut and past this message on the board for FlightSim. as the posts there are a bit more difficult to stomach.)

  95. Hi says:

    I have added some on into our Allied Comms league who did not recieve the e-mail and I cannot send it again. How do I get the email resent to him.

    Also, I cannot get this whole Zoom this to get over 150m. I have seen the instructions from the v1 game but it makes no difference in either game!!!! got to 150m on v2 and 114.something on v1 and cannot get any further!!!!!!!

    Anyone shed any light on the zoom trick????

  96. Guitarman says:

    Just hit 211.28 with a ranking of 29.Haven’t posted for a couple of months and have to say that some of the recent posts have me in tears from laughing.

  97. dude that is addicted to this plane game says:

    this game is great…… for like 5 minuites then it gets annoying i cannot get past 143.621m and ive been trying for agers so any one from the ppl how made this game plz tell me wat is up with this is it a random calculating score thing or is there somthing else the ppl with150m+ arnt telling us

    PS. i have a idea how to test the radom theory try using a proxy sever to change ur IP address and make it look like a diffrent computer then we can see if the random theory is right or wrong

    PSS ive tryed it a i got a higher score in like 4 tries so i think its random

  98. jeremy says:

    managed to get well over the 200, actually 999.528 but it keeps on going – cant make it stop…… hyperspace now!

  99. mark B says:

    tried the move where you hit t he spacer/enter button at the same time,counter has gone round the clock once and is still going,don’t know how to stop it.Could someone please help

  100. Dr Strangelove says:

    Also managed to get the clock running by the zoom method, but unable to stop it!!!! Does this mean I’ve attained true nivana?

    Great game, roll on v.3

  101. tonydude30 says:

    can any one tell me how to save the xbox version, so i can put on disc and take to work, our works pcs dont have internet accesse

  102. becnjub says:

    Hey Can anyone tell me how to get passed 150+ please getting rerally mad with this game

  103. Drew Clarke says:

    I looped round to zero at 999.9999 but it got rather boring as the scenery disappears at 200+ somewhere with a purple stripe and its all goes black – whats that about?

    Screenshot at
    I swear on the life of my manager that this is not doctored.

    This is using the two cheats together
    1. Top left corner with the plane and touch the right hand side of the play area using the drawer handle.
    2. Right click and Zoom in 6 times over the top right of the counter and then when it wont zoom in any more, continually press space and enter untill you go past the trees and grass (much magnified).

    This way you are more or less guaranteed to get the counter spooling forever upwards and then overflow, but thats just boring, theres no skill in it and it doesn’t record in the global scores.


  104. nutz says:

    130 no probs… 140.. often…. cant get any more distance HELP ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    awesome all the same..

  105. Lambo says:

    cant get passed 141.798. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  106. Lambo says:

    just broke 146. Any tips???

  107. Lambo says:

    this game is so addicting its annoying

  108. Lambo says:

    global rank: 3576
    WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. bruce tallil says:

    ethan, jason, jimmy and the world…..i am sitting at 180.757…ranked 2548 in the world…IN THE WORLD WHOOO HA HA HA HA HA….when you crack the 170s come and talk……

  110. Ethan says:


    Ranked 2293.

    Knock yourself out Bruce…..

  111. Lambo says:

    ranked 2723
    OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Fuller says:

    209.377 ranked #123!

  113. Bloody Eddie says:

    Duh!.. Not able to go past 147.407.. Still tryinggg… GRRrrrrr πŸ˜‰

  114. Paul says:

    Damn…this shit is addictive….Cant go past 113 in V1 and 151 in V2…Any suggestions??????Whats the zoom stuff…..??

  115. Navigator says:

    This zoom thing is messed up… On V1, my plane just passed 350 and doesn’t appear to be stopping. I can’t post the distance if the thing never crashes….

  116. H13R L3V3l says:

    I agree with navigator
    on the V2 ive gone past 500 and its not stopping what’s up with that man?

  117. NotMe says:

    Just used Drew Clark’s 1/19 combo cheat twice in a row. First time, it went to 999.999 then started over. Now I’m at 500+ and still going. What fun! He found a way to break the game!

  118. NotMe says:

    PS, Amnesia guys, when you make a new version, can you do one that looks like a bird?

  119. NotMe says:

    I want to know …. is it possible for the plane to go out the WINDOW on the SIDE in V2? One of my leaguers swears hers did that, and I can’t duplicate it to save me. She said the game ended as soon as it went out, but I’m scratching my head here.

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  121. thedude says:

    190.72 metres and still ranked only around 1800 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  122. bob says:

    i cant get past 100 =(

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  125. Vincent says:

    I got 134.612 m!!!

  126. Guitarman says:

    Just got 205.309m with a ranking of 409.Haven’t played in over a year and back then had a 211.28m with a ranking of 29th.

  127. wow this game is addictive, just got over 100.000m for the first time. gonna relax and go play my guitar instead πŸ™‚

  128. jersey says:

    pls, tell us the cheat…74.6m is the farthest try i got 😦 tell us the cheat like im idiot hehe

  129. Guitarman says:

    Just threw 210.229m,for a global rank of 88.

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  137. Justin says:

    Paper Plane v2.0 is the best game out. If you haven’t tried it yet you should.

  138. Gary says:

    After a year of playing jumped passed my scores in one day three times now sitting Rank 174 # 208.239m. Would love to get ion the top tem!

  139. Gary says:

    “Alright” beat my score again, now Rank 157 @ 208.813m

  140. Gary says:

    Another day and up the ladder I go Rank 151 @ 209.036m

  141. Gary says:

    Still improving small little jumps but make it interesting.
    Now Rank 146 209.297

  142. Gary says:

    Missed a day but kept trying and managed to now Rank 127 @ 209.622m

  143. Gary says:

    Bot oh Boy getting harder every day just moved up again but not much gain in the ranking…. Now Rank 125 @ 209.764m

  144. Gary says:

    Small jump Rank 121 @ 209.85m

  145. Gary says:

    Twice in one day Rank 88 @ 210.255m

  146. Gary says:

    “OK” I can’t stop this is three in the same day, Rank 75 @ 210.526m

  147. Gary says:

    Feel like I am playing by myself. Moved up again now Rank 60 @ 210.932m

    Looking like number ONE is in the 211.000meter range and keeps geting harder.

  148. Gary says:

    It took 13 days and to day is my birthday but did move up the scale.Rank 58 @ 211.065m

  149. Sohbet says:

    thanks.. admin.

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