Twitter for tactical promotions

An email chain going around Razorfish employees this morning revealed a huge number of companies using Twitter to promote special deals. Whether it is creating a new sales channel (eg Dell), giving a little back to your fans (eg Zappos) or building brand awareness (eg Squarespace), it seems that Twitter is being used more and more for tactical promotions not just long term brand strategies.

Here are a few we’re aware of. I’m sure there are plenty more, so feel free to add yours to the comments and we’ll update the list.

Australia (1,315 followers) – competition to win PC notebooks finished last week (724 followers) – find the @iSpyLevis Twitterer in a public place to win a pair of jean. Clues released in the form of location Twitpics (1,516 followers) – an eDM sale for 5 cent fares for members only went wrong when Jetstar members tried to access the website in the 2 hour window and couldn’t. They expressed their unhappiness via Twitter and blog posts. The result was a more active Twitter account (they started following people back) and a special Twitter only sale – 1,000 flights for 1c.

International (mainly US) (642,742 followers) – has hit 2 million dollars of revenue through Twitter alone. UPDATE: make that $3 million (29,291 followers): a web publishing firm giving away vouchers towards an iPhone randomly to people who tweet #squarespace. (747,937 followers): Tony Hsieh of Zappos gives a free pair of shoes to a random follower every so often. gave 10% off all flights between 7 and 31 March to Twitter followers and reached their goal of 100,000 followers

And a whole lot of other examples thanks to our Razorfish colleagues


Banana Republic:


Funjet Vacations:

Tablet Hotels:





Luxor Hotel:




United Airlines- twares:

Whole Foods:


Six Flags:



6 Responses to Twitter for tactical promotions

  1. josh909 says:

    Yep, I scored return flights for my wife and I thanks to the Jetstar Airways 1 cent twitter sale. I didn’t actually have plans to go to the Gold Coast, but hey, who am i to argue.

    Will I consider Jetstar next time I need to purchase domestic flights? Not unless I can’t get a flight elsewhere lol.

  2. Patrick says:

    Interesting – thanks for the list

  3. Jon Moss says:

    My friend Steve @hasbean coffee here in the UK regularly does promotions and fun stuff 🙂

  4. angegraham says:

    Thanks Jon, I’ll add that one to the list 🙂

  5. home page says:

    I have never thought that it will turn out to be my habit to read articles because it is so much mind-boggling.

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