Chris Anderson’s new book, ‘Free’, rife* with…plagiarism

chris anderson free plagiarismApparently, Chris Anderson thinks everything should be free. Footnotes citing large portions of quotes were culled from the Wired editor’s new book, Free, and even though attribution for other sources were included throughout the book, those from Wikipedia were not.

Obviously, Anderson is maintaining his plagiarism was completely unintentional and has issued an apology alongside his publisher, and has promised to amend this situation (albeit online). It’s a little bit unfortunate, given the topic he’s ultimately discussing in this book.

4 Responses to Chris Anderson’s new book, ‘Free’, rife* with…plagiarism

  1. Stu Cam says:

    A shame, as his book ‘The Long Tail’ was actually pretty insightful and rather a good read.

  2. sgw555 says:

    It’s actually ‘rife’ with plagiarism.

    It may stink – and therefore ‘ripe’ seemed appropriate – but ‘rife’ is the word you were thinking of.

  3. Heather Ann Snodgrass says:

    * yep, i’m blaming that typo on my jetlag. thanks for tyhe heads up, sgw555 🙂

  4. ezDigg says:

    Thank for Sharing

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