Amnesia Razorfish is Hiring

We are growing again and have a bunch of roles to fill in a few of our departments.

If you know people or feel you would love to be apart of a great team that lives for innovation then please email or tweet @yanets

Group Account Director

Media Account Co-ordinator

Media Account Manager

Media Account Director

Media Director

Media Search executive

Senior Account Manager – Client Services

Operations Director

6 Responses to Amnesia Razorfish is Hiring

  1. Hmm… No role for me there, but I can think of a few people I know…

  2. caronnect says:

    No role for me there, either!

  3. Joe Sokohl says:

    Interesting that these roles are all about growing the business, selling services, but not in doing the work. Right?

  4. eunmac says:

    Joe – Interesting point – I’ll try to answer that one. We’ve actually had a smooth ride getting the ‘doing roles’ filled over the years – it seems to be a better networked group of people so finding designers, programmers etc almost seems to take care of itself and we don’t advertise these as often. Growing the business end, well we find it a slightly tougher job to find people here – so we tend to need to look a little further out hence the ads.

    Six of the nine roles above are actually for the media team which has grown enormously in the past year – these are in fact the doing roles of this department.

    BTW: Designers, developers, devigners are definitely encouraged to send CVs to AT – we love hearing from people and seeing their work 🙂

    Hope that explains it a bit?!


  5. Shane Perris says:

    Some sort of job description for these positions would really help for those of us who don’t usually inhabit Agencyland. While titles might be consistent across the industry, from what I can gather the actual work can vary wildly from agency to agency.

    It’s always nice to be able to tailor an application specifically for the job at hand rather than just sending in a generic CV. It also helps to know if you’re actually qualified or not 😉

  6. yanets says:

    Thanks Shane.
    We’re currently in the process of adding these details. 🙂

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