Official iPad Apple video showcases broken NY Times Site

I spotted a few Twitter users talking about this: The official Apple iPad video actually shows the NY Times site with a broken area of the page (apparently a flash video) which is caused by the lack of iPad support for Adobe Flash.

Why is this an issue? Well according to HP (here) 85% of the top 100 sites on the internet use Flash and that 75% of all video on the web is flash based. That’s a lot of missing content for a device that is supposed to be the ultimate content aggregator.

Freezeframe at 1m17s



This space looks set to hot up. Here’s HP’s own version of the iPad out this year demonstrating how Flash should work in a tablet PC:


5 Responses to Official iPad Apple video showcases broken NY Times Site

  1. taknoo says:

    I’m buying an iPad. Most web pages are switching to HTML 5 anyway. Plus I can’t Wait to use Sketchbook Pro on it.

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