Best Homes of the Year crowned – and I want one

every year for the past 5 years Electronic House has run a contest for the best electronic houses out there. From home theatres to ultra-connected kitchens over 250 projects were submitted and out of 15 categories 43 winners were chosen.

Here are some of my favourites:

The BatCave meets Home theater

closed with a secret button hidden in the fireplace to open a new world






18 source video wall

Three 65-inch Panasonic plasma HDTVs form a video wall that can display content from 18 different sources.


only 3 racks of equipment necessary 🙂



Small screen anyone?


and again, only a little equipment necessary



too lazy to get out of bed?


A web-connected Samsung TV rises out of the custom concealment to allow the homeowner to watch Apple TV and Kaleidescape content in comfort.


Does anyone have a spare $ 250000 so I can build on for myself?

If you still haven’t had enough you can find some more here


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