Amnesia Razorfish – the rebrand

Yes, digital agency Amnesia has changed it’s name – from something unforgettable, to something unpronounceable. (It’s fun – say it three times really fast). For those who don’t know our history, digital agency Amnesia (Sydney) was acquired two years ago by Avenue A Razorfish who were themselves acquired by Microsoft in 2007.

The short is – they’re a great brand, and we also like ours …so the result is:

It looks kind of good on our Microsoft Surface Table (which gets more attention than everything else in here of course).



8 Responses to Amnesia Razorfish – the rebrand

  1. tbuesing says:

    Hey, where is the Avenue A bit? This new thing is way too short.

  2. Will says:

    It would be amnesia avenue a razorfish, or a^3 razorfish. I guess it is what it is ’cause it’s tatooed on the furniture.

    Who did the engraving? I’m looking for some engraving myself.

  3. sushant says:

    Why is your ms surface table up so high:S… dont you use it as a table:P?

  4. Jon Moss says:

    Sounds good guys – like the font execution!

  5. eunmac says:

    Avenue A is NO MORE!

    In the US they are simply Razorfish…

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

  6. eunmac says:

    BTW: The engraving was done by
    – Highly recommend them.

  7. Robert says:

    Can you tell me how to get a high score in flight simulator

  8. […] Sydney-based digital agency Amnesia, which was acquired two years ago by Avenue A/Razorfish, will now be known as Amnesia Razorfish. Thank heavens they no longer need to add the Avenue A. Then what? It would […]

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