The 360 Ball Camera

October 19, 2011

Love this idea. Throw the ball in the air and it takes a 360 shot when it reaches the highest point. Wouldn’t it be great to see this technology inside a football as a live stream during the game.

360 Ball Camera

Share pretty pictures with Instagram

October 14, 2010

Last week saw the launch of the free micro-photo-blogging (coined) iPhone/iPod app Instagram, which allows to to quickly share pictures from your iDevice to share with friends through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and the application itself. In that time, it has reportedly been downloaded over 100K times.

Instagram works like a streamlined Tumblr, managing the photo snapping, titling and even location tagging through the Foursquare API. In addition to making the whole photo-sharing thing quick and easy, Instagram lets you apply one of a whole bunch of image filters that make your shots look all arty/old and suprisingly not naff.

The shot above is one I took fairly recently.

Check it out!

Sony NEX-5 … “Want that one”

July 1, 2010



Nex-3 and the Nex-5 both look amazing, sound amazing and hopefully they take amazing shots. Here’s the lowdown:

DSLR-style quality and shooting responses: compact and easy to use with interchangeable lenses.14.2 megapixels Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, HD 1080i movie, 7.5cm LCD, Sweep Panorama. 16mm lens.

Does anyone own one? Anyone from Sony want to send me one to test?


Jeremy’s Bing photo features in TV ad

October 28, 2009

This TV ad for Bing implies vampires are fans Amnesiafish Jeremy’s photo contest winning lightning shot.

Nice one, Jeremy! You’re a big hit with the undead.


Patrick Runte – Jump ‘n’ Run

August 14, 2009


Hamburg-based photographer Patrick Runte recreates scenes from classic videos games in his Jump ‘n’ Run series. Pacman, Space Invaders, Pong, and more are all composed in real life situations where Runte has set up beautiful (and accurate!) depictions of the video games. Runte offers the following explanation: “The work is inspired by Oskar Schlemmer and his idea of the ‘Triadic Ballett’ and the term ‘Streetplay’”, Runte explains. “I wanted to compile old video games, which are based on simple geometric forms and make them able to be experienced / felt by the human body.”

More samples here
Via format mag

Check out Bing today

August 3, 2009

Jeremy’s winning photo is the face of Bing today. Congratulations, Mr Somers!



Check it out today only:

Read more about how it got here:


Vote for Jeremy’s photo in the Bing Summer Travel Photo Contest

July 24, 2009

Man of many talents, jack of all trades, our very own Captain Creative, Jeremy is in the running to win a Bing home page photo contest.


Help him get there by voting and see this amazing lightning shot grace the front of Bing.

Do it now!!! 🙂


Flickr flogging Getty Images. Urrr… Did anyone spot that one?

July 22, 2009

I hadn’t noticed until today that Flickr had jumped deep into bed with Getty Images. Apparently the deal happened in March (here). The odd thing is you can’t seem to opt out of searching for Getty Image content without doing an advanced search.


Although the drop down above gives you the appearance that you can search two libraries, Getty results will show up under either option.Here’s an example: This is a search of everyone’s uploads – but I still get Getty content. 


Personally I’d like an option in the dropdown which allowed Creative Commons only. For now the only way not to find Getty content whilst searching is to do an Advanced search and tick THIS box:

Somehow the news seems to have largely slipped under the social media news radar but I suspect that there may some fairly polarised opinions on this.

Some links:

Posted by @eunmac – niche photo exhibition

July 17, 2009

These photos submitted by visitors to capture the excitement, beauty and simple pleasure of going for a bash in the waves.




Love it. @iclazie

That tourist snap you don’t need to take

July 7, 2009

Have you ever stood in the exact spot that millions have stood before taking the exact photo of the exact view that millions have taken before I wondered “why am I doing this?”

I have taken this shot* of the Sydney Harbour Bridge…


…and this shot* of the Taj Mahal…


…but last year I specifically did not take this shot* of Hong Kong from the Peak because I realised I could just Google it later.


Does this make me lazy or just practical? 🙂

*These layered images were grabbed from Flickr and put together in Photoshop. Each is a composite of about 5 images taken from the same location by different people.


Vivid Sydney, Sydney’s Festival of Music, Light and Ideas

June 12, 2009

Better late than never –

Vivid Sydney, developed by Events NSW in partnership with the City Of Sydney, will be the biggest international music and light festival in the Southern Hemisphere. It will showcase the city as a major creative hub in the Asia-Pacific region, celebrating the diversity of Sydney’s creative industries.
Vivid Sydney features four exciting new events:
Smart Light Sydney
Creative Sydney
Fire Water


THE most dedicated piece of consumer generated content ever. Age time lapse 17 yrs in the making.

June 8, 2009

“Incredible dedication” – the only way to describe Dan Hanna who for the last 17 years has religiously taken 2 images of himself every day using a home made rig. Before you watch, just remember this started long before digital cameras were around…

Here’s the rig below, which Dan carried with him, even on holidays.


The rig dismantled below – you can see how Dan rotates himself by about 1 degree every day, so a full year means one complete rotation.


Read a lot more about the project here.

It’s a great read. Thank you Dan for sharing – it really is an amazing piece of work.

A Look Into the Future of Transport Infrastructure

May 8, 2009


Well, perhaps not so much… but whatever the future holds, it’s big things for photographer and illustrator Hubert Blanz.
Check out some of his wonderful works here.

Shinichi Maruyama

May 7, 2009


waterink1 waterink17

Pretty much just photographic wow.

A must see

Cool collection of websites with large background images

April 3, 2009

This from WebDesignerWall back in September but worth noting – cool collection of sites with large background images flowing into the foreground. Good inspiration for designers trapped inside boxes. Thanks to Jono for the find.




Lynx Effect Website Archive – Webby Award Winner

March 20, 2009


Original Lynx Effect website (which won a Webby in 2008 created by Amnesia Razorfish) is now in it’s archived glory state in our portfolio. Clean the “Dirty Girls”, tattoo your name on some unmentionable body part – the list goes on.

Tilt Shift Maker

January 12, 2009

Inspired by the amazing street project Little People Blog, but don’t quite have the time to hand-craft tiny people? Well, Tilt-Shift Maker has a quicker, easier, and surprisingly effective alternative.

Tilt-shift refers to a photographic technique whereby a camera lens is tilted relative to the image plane and combined with a large aperture to create a shallow depth of field. The end result is a real photograph that looks like a scene created of miniature models. Tilt-Shift Maker is a web service that transforms existing digital images into tilt-shift style miniatures, and the result can be surprisingly effective.  Head over to the site, upload an image, select a focus area and bam – your ‘miniaturised’ image is ready to go.

Here’s a mini Bondi Beach I’ve just whipped up:

Tilt Shift Bondi

Check out the Tilt Shift Maker site for some other fantastic examples.

Photos That Look Like They’re Photoshopped But Are Not

December 8, 2008

i found this post of pics that look like they have been photoshopped but supposedly they aren’t. Now i can’t proof that but some of these shots are just amazing.




There a plenty more to look at here.

Scrapblog – Great web 2.0 Flash Application

October 17, 2008 : I’ve seen a lot of browser based flash ‘applications’ over the years – you know trying to emulate the desktop experience inside a web page… but few have cut the mustard. They tend to be slow, clunky, buggy and miss out on the detail such as keyboard shortcuts. Scrapblog (which you use to put photo albums together) is an exception to the norm and is really quite outstanding. Even CTRL-Z (undo) worked. Go play. Then you can order a 20 page hardback version for about US$35. Pretty good deal we thought.

Scrapblog has a very well executed Flash interface. 


Michael Kai messes with perspective, minds.

September 8, 2008

Check out the work of German-now-based-in-Melbourne photographer, Michael Kai, whose incredible shots include some amazing Escher-style illusions.



His exhibition “This Side Up” has be shown in Europe, the U.S.A. and Australia.

Check out his work here.